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[wxsig] RE: Problem w/ new t-238+

Kent Ochs kentochs at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 8 23:56:58 UTC 2005

I did see your note in the archive and it looks like I lucked out.  I have a female on the base board and a male on the modem.  Hope you find the third kit soon.

John Koster <w9ddd at tapr.org> wrote:
BTW Kent, I notice you just joined the list. You probably didn't see the 
note about my shipping some kits with the wrong connector for the base 
board. Do you have a female DE-9 on the base board and a male on the 
modem board? I located the other two 'bad' kits, but there's a third one 
out there and it'd put my mind at ease to know where the third one went.

John, W9DDD

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