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[wxsig] Help with T-238 failure

Sct599 at aol.com Sct599 at aol.com
Mon Jul 11 14:32:04 UTC 2005

Will and Group:
I have been on the road and have been unable to make much progress  yet.  
However, I have had some luck.  I mentioned previously that I  was going to 
approach a local guy that had a T-238 to see if he would be willing  to allow me to 
use his unit to test my LCD and possibly processor. He generously  offered to 
give me the entire unit to use as is or for parts. With this, I will  
certainly be back on the air soon and very possibly be able to get my unit  working 
as well providing me with a back-up/test unit. I can't say enough about  the 
helpfulness I have received from the folks in this group and certainly  the 
fella that offered his unit to me at no charge other than lunch. 
I will update the group on my findings as soon as I am able to get back to  
the bench and do some troubleshooting.
Thanks again,

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