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[wxsig] DS Rain Gauge?

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Fri Jun 10 02:45:37 UTC 2005


The only part I have heard about being bad is a static protection diode, but
I may be out of the loop on such issues.

I have a problem where my bus gets shorted during heavy rains.  I need to
get on the roof and see why.

The lithium battery does not get recharged.  The battery is only used to
maintain the count value in the Dallas chip, not power anything else.  The
current drain is so low that the battery will last its shelf life of about
10 years.  After that the battery will need replacing.


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I've heard that there's a bad capacitor problem with the DS Rain Gauge, but
I can't find any reference to it.  I did find a schematic, which I've never
had, but I'd still like to find something that would tell me where to scrape
off the black stuff without scraping it off the whole board.  

T238 reports shorted bus.  Also I see there's a lithium battery on the
schematic.  I don't see how that ever gets recharged looking at the ciruit.

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