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[wxsig] Help with T-238 failure

Sct599 at aol.com Sct599 at aol.com
Wed Jun 29 16:31:49 UTC 2005

Hello Group:
I am looking for any input you all may be able to provide concerning a  
failure with my T-238 (original model).
Found that the U5 voltage regulator had failed putting approx 11 volts on  
the 5 volt buss. Replaced U5 and no indication of unit coming back to life.  
Performed the "Power up and initial testing" procedure and all appears to be OK.  
Is it safe to assume that the U3 microprocessor and possibly all components  
powered by the 5 volt buss have been destroyed?  If so, is there any hope  in 
repairing this unit?
Scott - NØLNE

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