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[wxsig] Peet Ultimeter II

Jim Reynolds kk5mv at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 25 01:28:26 UTC 2005

I have a remote site Peet Bros Ultimiter II reporting to APRS over a Kantronics KPC-3.  This works well, but I need to retrieve the KPC-3 for digipeater service elsewhere.  I have a Byonics WXTrak, and I also have a Paccomm Micropower (commercial version of the Tiny-2) TNC which accepts GPS data.  I can't seem to get the WXTrak to see the serial data coming from the Ultimiter.  I can get the Paccomm to see the data, but it sends garbage out over the radio.  I have tweaked many things (including baud rates, etc on the TNC).  Does anyone have any experience with either of these combinations, and any information that will help.  The node is currently down, but it is N5KOA-1 in Big Spring Texas. Thanks. Jim KK5MV.

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