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FW: [wxsig] Peet Ultimeter II

Daron Wilson daron at wilson.org
Fri Mar 25 14:38:54 UTC 2005

(message delayed, sorry, I had a sig .jpg in there which apparently killed
the whole message)

We run the KPC3+ in tandem with the WXTrak on most of our aprs weather sites
to provide digipeating or relay service as well as ‘kenwood readable’
weather data.


I believe the serial data coming from the Ultimeter II is distinctly
different than the Ultimeter 100,2000, etc.  My guess would be that if you
look at the Peet Bros web site, you can get a sample data string from the
new ultimeter 2000 or so and you might see some differences in that and the
Ultimeter II.  It is my best guess that the APRS software out there decodes
the Ultimeter II but the WXTRak is looking for specific data to parse.

Good Luck


>I have a remote site Peet Bros Ultimiter II reporting to APRS over a
>Kantronics KPC-3.  This works well, but I need to retrieve the KPC-3 for
>digipeater service elsewhere.  I have a Byonics WXTrak, and I also have a
>Paccomm Micropower (commercial version of the Tiny-2) TNC which accepts GPS
>data.  I can't seem to get the WXTrak to see the serial data coming from
the >Ultimiter.  I can get the Paccomm to see the data, but it sends garbage
out >over the radio.  I have tweaked many things (including baud rates, etc
on the >TNC).  Does anyone have any experience with either of these
combinations, and >any information that will help.  The node is currently
down, but it is N5KOA->1 in Big Spring Texas. Thanks. Jim KK5MV.

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