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[wxsig] T238 1.15.6 release

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Fri Sep 2 03:21:06 UTC 2005


After an initial flurry of wind gust errors, I have not had one in 36 hours
now, so I am thinking I have a hardware issue, not a software issue with the

Release 1.15.6 is now up on the website (http://www.beals5/com/wx, select
downloads).  This is the 1.15.5 release plus some added logging code for
wind gusts greater than 25MPH.  If you get a wind gust greater than that,
the next APRS packet will include some diagnostic data giving the before and
after anemometer counter values for the 5-second period with the wind gust.
Also included is the calculated difference as well as the total number of
valid samples in that period.  The format of the packet is in the bottom of
the "project status" page of the website.

If you feel your station has reported an erroneous wind gust, please let me
know so I can go peek at your logs assuming you are visible to findu.  By
looking at others data I can continue to see if these errors are sensor or
firmware related.  Eventually I will remove this logging data.


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Will Beals

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