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[wxsig] Need info on other Weather reflectors and Weather Metrics weather station data format

Jim Pruitt wa7duy at charter.net
Sat Sep 10 05:58:16 UTC 2005

Could someone give me information on other weather reflectors?  I have a
Weather Metrics weather station that I am trying to get running but have not
found software (other than Weather Metrics software).  I contacted Weather
Display but was told that Weather Metrics has a proprietary data format that
they will not share.  We currently post real time weather through weather
metrics web site but the project is for 2 departments at the university
where I work.  They need archival weather data as well and that seems to
only be available from Weather Metrics at a cost.  At one time Weather
Metrics gave out the info to host your own weather data on your own web
sight but when I last called them ( a year ago) they said they no longer do
that and if I want to do that I am on my own.

Can anyone direct me to other weather reflectors that might deal with these
kinds of weather stations?  I am on the old Dallas weather station list but
that is mostly for the Dallas/AAG weather stations.

Thank you.

Jim Pruitt

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