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[wxsig] Source for the DS1994?

n7tcf n7tcf at cox.net
Mon Sep 12 12:24:03 UTC 2005

Be wary of the Maxim store. They will happily accept your money and not ship
for many weeks. The Dallas-Semi weather list has several tales of month(s)
long waits. Maxim is not low-volume oriented. Another bad practice is
multiple shipping charges. I ordered a variety of parts, all small and
lightweight, paid some $35 in shipping because the order was split into
three packages. Apparently Maxim ships from whatever warehouse can fill the
order, others on the weather list reported the same.

We've learned to source anywhere else.

Jim Sullivan  N7TCF

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Newark Electronics lists over 200 in stock at ~$25.00 each

                 Sid   N0OBM

At 08:53 AM 9/11/2005, you wrote:

>Anyone recommend a source for the DS1994 or is the maxim store the
>only way to
>get just one?
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