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[wxsig] Transparent Hurricane

Warren kd4z at amsat.org
Sun Sep 18 02:24:33 UTC 2005

Welcome back Will,
I ended up being away from the house during the spike today so I wasn't able to 
take a look at the Debug screen.   I will have a chance tomorrow however.
I do see 1 error count for the rain gauge and baro with 3 errors counted on the 

I am wondering if my ID calibration has gotten the temp sensor in the WS-1 
confused with the one in the humidity module---if they were swapped, could this be a 
clue.  My WS-1 does have a DS18S20 installed, replacing the original DS1820.

I will take some readings tomorrow when things are screwy...and later on in the 
afternoon,  I could reset to whole system, bring down the WS-1 and rain gauge and 
start over.   

If you want me to reset the IDs, what is the proper sequence to do the ID learning.

WS-1, then add raingauge, then add baro, then add humidity?   One at a time 
through the setup menu?  I would like to use the humidity temp reading instead of 
the WS-1 anyway.


On 17 Sep 2005 at 19:12, Will Beals wrote:

> Warren:
> I finally got to a place where I can see your weather data.  It looks like
> you have other weirdnesses too, you also have strange negative spikces in
> humidity at about the same time you have the spikes on the BP.  There is
> definitely something strange going on.  Your raw data will prove
> "interesting".
> will 

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