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[wxsig] RE: Updated T238 docs

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Mon Apr 3 23:41:52 UTC 2006


To your question about what is a T348+:

It is a mistyped T238+ that got cut and pasted! :)  Oops!


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Subject: Updated T238 docs


I've updated several T238+ documents this weekend.

1) Updated the T348+ and Modem assembly manuals to reflect the fact the
potentiometer silkscreen does not match the part.

2) Updated the T348+ and Modem assembly manuals to refer to the website for
some better pictures showing the board assemblies

3) Updated the T238 assembly page to add pictures referenced above.

4) Added a warning to the T238 page that shows the radio on/off control
circuit that the circuit does disable the ability of the P&E tools to boot
correctly, suggesting that if they want to use the P&E tools, some way of
disabling R10 in that circuit is needed.

I have some updated mechanical drawings for the heatshield, but those will
take a bit longer to make web-friendly.


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