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[wxsig] Outdoor Humidity Sensor Kit Problem - Update

Steve Allen sallen1 at san.rr.com
Tue Apr 18 06:12:45 UTC 2006

I put in a new A/D chip and got the same result - - learned a lot
about SMD unsolder and solder techniques!

Maybe I am missing something in the instructions??
On the instruction page that deals with AAG - I check the
voltage between D2 non-banded end and P2 -- and I get
an alternating 1.5V - the bus is being polled about once a second.
I will have to read up on the bus parasite power, I don't know if
the is a charging/discharging of the bus, or I have either a
bad diode or cap in this part of the circuit.  I am looping through
the version 3 AAG anemometer with a 4 wire straight through
cable and using their serial adapter.

The diode in the other part of the circuit reads a solid 5V.

I will replace both and see what happens - I don't have them around,
but will get them.


Steve Allen KT6S.


I just completed the Outdoor Humidity/Temperature Sensor Kit.

I am connecting to the AAG type interface, directly to the computer -
I have also connected through the Version 3 Weather Station.

4 wire straight through cable, using the JAVA browser.

All sensors identified -- i.e. temperature and the Battery Monitor.

1. Temperature sensor works fine.

2. The Battery monitor for the Humidity sensor has 0's for all of its A'/D --
including the internal Temperature Sensor -- but the sensor is identified.

Does this most likely mean that the Chip was damaged when I installed it?

I do have a spare, but would appreciate some advice before I undo the 
surface mount.

Thanks a lot.

Steve Allen
KT6S  -- New member 

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