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[wxsig] Re: wxsig Digest, Vol 20, Issue 6

Bob West WA8YCD rlwest at wa8ycd.net
Tue Apr 25 22:52:47 UTC 2006


PTT is on the earphone plug -- audio out to tip, PTT to ring
Mic input is the smaller plug, 2-circuit.

Here is some info about Kenwood HT connection:


wxsig-request at lists.tapr.org wrote:

>Message: 1
>Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 18:36:50 -0600
>From: Mark Patton <k0yg at arrl.net>
>Subject: [wxsig] Keying Kenwood HT and Current Consumption questions
>To: wxsig at lists.tapr.org
>Message-ID: <BAY106-DAV845984F9530994FCEF35380BF0 at phx.gbl>
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>Hi Everyone,
>I've read through the archives & documentation but didn't see the 
>answers to these questions.
>1) I understand that Kenwood HT's require a different way of keying the 
>transmitter. On most, I believe, you bring the xmit signal to a low 
>impedance (on my Icom it's 2K) to make it transmit.  Has anyone 
>connected the T238+ to a Kenwood HT?  I seem to recall that it may be 
>just the opposite.
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