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[wxsig] Keying Kenwood HT and Current Consumption questions

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Sun Apr 30 01:38:20 UTC 2006


1) Uh-oh, I did not include direct support for positive PTT signalling.
This may take some special rigging.  I believe Kenwood has their manuals
online.  Can you point me to the manual for your HT so I can see what may

2) I sacrificed a wall-wart to do an in-line current measurement and get
50ma steady-state for the T238+ with peaks above that for when the LED
flashes.  This was done without the LCD plugged in at all which I assume is
your desired configuration for a remote solar powered station.  It was also
done with no sensors plugged in.  If most of your sensors are powered by the
1-wire bus, the added power should be negligible.  If you are particularly
handy (and power miserly), you can run the T238 from any supply voltage
greater than 7.5V.  Anything above that is dissipated as heat in the linear

3) Sorry, not able to measure the other temperture sensors.

Also, if you haven't seen the app note on the website for the T238
(http://www.beals5.com/wx, then select  "How to build a T238", I have a
circuit that allows you to power down the HT completely between

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Hi Everyone,

I've read through the archives & documentation but didn't see the answers to
these questions.

1) I understand that Kenwood HT's require a different way of keying the
transmitter. On most, I believe, you bring the xmit signal to a low
impedance (on my Icom it's 2K) to make it transmit.  Has anyone connected
the T238+ to a Kenwood HT?  I seem to recall that it may be just the

2) I'm planning to run the T238+ from a small solar panel and battery.  
Can someone confirm what the current consumption of the T238+ assuming that
the display lighting is turned off?  I will be running it from ~12V.

3) Does anyone know what the current consumption is for the N4XI X1W-2v2
Outdoor Humidity and Temperature Sensor?  I don't  know if I'll have the
power budget to run the fan or not.  I may need to go with something else.

Thanks for all the help and the fantastic documentation!

Mark Patton

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