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[wxsig] Keying Kenwood HT and Current Consumption questions

Shane Justice sjustice7 at cox.net
Sun Apr 30 19:16:17 UTC 2006

This must have fallen into a bit-well, as I sent this earlier last  
week, but never saw it show up on the list:

Also, note that I have the backlight ON (the thing actually generates  
heat one can feel if one puts their hand above the display- I was  
surprised at this).

Hi Mark,
I just put the 238+ on my AstroFlight Watt Meter and checked it's  
power consumption. The meter shows 260mA @ 13.6 volts, or  
approximately 3 Watts. This power consumption is with or without the  
temp/humidity sensor connected ( I am not powering the fan at the  
moment ). This is with the display backlight ON. Now, I've never  
calibrated the "Whatt Meter", so I don't know how accurate it truly  
is, but at least this is a back of the envelop, ball park number with  
which you can calculate power requirements.

If it's going some place cold, remember batteries don't yield power  
well when too cold, and plus up the size of the battery for that, as  
well as the number of days you DON'T get sunshine. That also tells  
you to size your solar array appropriately to charge that battery for  
continued use over less than perfect days. A battery management  
system for controlling charging, as well as discharging, is a smart  
idea, if you want your creation to last a long time in-place, and  
with minimum visits to replace the big, old, heavy batteries.

I assume you are thinking of remoting the weather station? I have had  
similar thoughts- I'd like to put together a combination WX station/ 
digipeater for use on remote mountain areas here in Arizona. I've  
been thinking about solar panel-replenished battery power. At a high  
enough altitude, with a high-gain antenna, one needs very little  
transmit power to adequately cover a large area.


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