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[wxsig] TAPR 238+ RS-232 to UI-View

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Wed Aug 2 03:45:05 UTC 2006


(meant to reply to this a long time ago, but looks like I left it in my
drafts folder, sorry)

If your all-in-one software accepts WX data from commercial weather stations
as part of it's functions, the T238s do support Peet mode.


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Yes, Take weather data out the 238+ serial port, into a WinDoze computer to
the internet. I've heard some people use the Peetbros Sdecode to capture the
data and dump it to a textfile that UI-View reads.


> OK, so the mission is to get the WX data on the internet rather than 
> on the radio?
> > Rasputin Novgorod <priapulus at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >   I know you guys are going to tell me to RTFM, but I've skimmed 
> > everything and don't see an answer.
> > 
> > My TAPR 238+ is working perfectly now. I'd like to dump weather info 
> > out the 238+ serial port to my computer, and have ui-view pick it up 
> > and send my weather info out on the APRS internet. But I don't see 
> > how to do it.

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