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[wxsig] Awfully quiet

John Koster w9ddd at tapr.org
Fri Aug 11 22:05:53 UTC 2006

On Fri, 11 Aug 2006,  Dave wrote:

> Well I think I was the last one to post some problems, and we have it 
> working much more reliable now, it did seem to be a heat issue with the 
> regulator.  We are having some issues with long update delays, I don't think 
> it is an RF issue, I think it is more an internet issue.  Sometimes in 
> findu.com it will show a multi-hour delay, but on aprswest it will show a 
> much shorter gap, and vice versa, any ideas?

If you get real time data monitoring your own signal, then you don't have 
much control over how long it takes to propagate through digipeaters and 
the internet.  The time does seem out of reason, but I have zero 
experience in that department.  If you have more than one digi that you 
can hit, you might try a beam pointed towards one or the other and see if 
that makes a difference.  One of them might have a better path to the 

Another issue might be how flooded the server is with data and how long it 
takes to crunch things.  I wouldn't expect the delays you're talking about 

In either case I don't think you have much control over it.  After all, 
it's a broadcast protocol.

John, W9DDD

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