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[wxsig] Awfully quiet

Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Sat Aug 12 00:58:26 UTC 2006

The data are timestamped as soon as they hit FindU.  More likely, you 
are seeing a digi-induced delay.  Last time I looked, we were not seeing 
much latency on the APRS-IS side.

As Mountain digis do seem to see a lot of traffic, I suspect that's a 
real problem for you.

gerry n5jxs

John Koster wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Aug 2006,  Dave wrote:
>> Well I think I was the last one to post some problems, and we have it 
>> working much more reliable now, it did seem to be a heat issue with the 
>> regulator.  We are having some issues with long update delays, I don't think 
>> it is an RF issue, I think it is more an internet issue.  Sometimes in 
>> findu.com it will show a multi-hour delay, but on aprswest it will show a 
>> much shorter gap, and vice versa, any ideas?
> If you get real time data monitoring your own signal, then you don't have 
> much control over how long it takes to propagate through digipeaters and 
> the internet.  The time does seem out of reason, but I have zero 
> experience in that department.  If you have more than one digi that you 
> can hit, you might try a beam pointed towards one or the other and see if 
> that makes a difference.  One of them might have a better path to the 
> igate.
> Another issue might be how flooded the server is with data and how long it 
> takes to crunch things.  I wouldn't expect the delays you're talking about 
> however.  
> In either case I don't think you have much control over it.  After all, 
> it's a broadcast protocol.

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