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[wxsig] T238+ Modem Problems

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Mon Dec 11 22:35:30 UTC 2006


By intro screen do you mean the copyright screen or the "one moment please"

I am guessing the latter as it sounds like the T238 thinks the channel is
busy and waiting for it to clear before sending its "Hi, I'm here" packet
that broadcasts the SW version number.

Is the busy LED lit? (suspect not or you'd have noticed)
Any chance of a wiring error there.  It is pin 6 of the connector, but best
place is pin 11 of the micro.  It should be low.

Final wiring to check is the path from pin 14 of the MX-614 through pin 11
of the header to pin 22 of the micro.  This is the handshaking line for bit
transfers between the MX-614 and the micro.  If busted, it would halt
communications which is also symptomatic of your hangup.

Good luck, let us know what happens.


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I am looking for suggestions to help troubleshoot my T238+modem.  

The T283+ works fine without the modem installed.  When I have the modem
installed and selected for output the T238 gets stuck on the intro screen.
Changing the output to PEET, TNC etc eliminates the problem.

I have checked all of the voltages on the modem and everything is correct.
LEDs work fine.  Five volts present on all the ICs where it should be.
Static precautions were taken during the build.

Any suggestions?

Rich - WN0X  - AP006

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