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[wxsig] Low Audio

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Thu Dec 14 04:36:48 UTC 2006


I do seem to remember your callsign from the "early days"!  Thanks for the
nice words.

I think the previous guy who had audio issues had an HTX202 too.  What do
you mean by the Kantronics configuration?

For remote use, I do have some support to power up the radio only when
needed.  Go to http://www.beals5.com/wx, select "how to build a T238" (not
the +) and about half way down on that page is the suggested circuit to
power the radio.  I do toggle Port C bit 0 for a few seconds before and
after I send out the message.  I only know of two people who have asked
about the circuit and I believe have actually used it too.


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Both the Yaesu FT212RH (Mobile 2 meter) and Radio Shack HTX202 exhibit the
problem.  I will try a slightly larger capacitor before I replace the
resistor with a 4.7K ohm value.

I am very pleased with the T238+.  I was a beta tester for the original
T238, and owned two of the K0DSP versions of the original T238.

The T238+ is much more compact and easier to fit in a case.  The only
complaint I have with the modem is that a Kantronics configuration would
have been more convenient for me personally.

When you consider that you are replacing the computer and TNC the T238+ is
an excellent value.  I am looking forward to trying a remote weather
station, possibly with a solar panel for charging.  Any ideas on how I could
power up the radio a few seconds before I transmit?

Thanks for sticking with us Will and adding features Will.

BTW,  AP006 still shows up as inactive in MesoWest.  How do I get ahold of
Russ to fix that?


P.S. The kit was missing an LED and ferrite bead.  

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>Subject: RE: [wxsig] Low Audio
>Thanks Scott, I was going to dig up that old email too!
>Rich, what radio are you interfacing with, that may be handy for other 
>folk to know.  I tried to make as general purpose an interface as 
>possible, but suspected there would be issues.
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>   Thanks.  Replacing R101 was not quite enough.  My next step was to
>   pick a value for C111 and give it a try.  I'll try the values and let
>   everyone know.
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>   In a message dated 12/12/2006 8:13:27 P.M. Mountain Standard Time,
>   wn0x at earthlink.net writes:
>     Will,
>     My audio from the modem to the radio is a bit low.  I have replaced
>     R101 with a 10K resistor but it is not much better.  Do you have
>     any suggestions?
>     Rich
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>   Hi Rich:
>   I experienced the same problem.  I received the info below from
>   someone on the list. It worked good.
>   Low TX audio:  Corrective action: Change  R101 to 4.7K and C111 to
>   .1uf.
>   Scott - N0LNE
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