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[wxsig] P&E tools.

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Sat Dec 16 01:16:42 UTC 2006


First for the P&E tools, it looks like the moved their links yet again.
Their new website structure isn't direct-linkable either so I have to give

1) Go to www.pemicro.com.
2) Under P&E Resources, click on ICS05/08 software link.
3) Click on the big-text ICS08/PROG08SZ text link at the botom.
4) Click on the Fax, Manuals, and downloads tab at the top of the next page.
5) Click on the ICS08GPGTZ v. 1.54 link about 2/3 down on the right column.
6) You will need to log in, but the tools are still free.

As to overheating:  Make REALLY sure you do not have a wall-wart generating
something over 12-14 volts if you are still driving the LED backlight.  The
lower the voltage on that regulator the better as long as you stay above
7.5V.  I'm not proud of that regulator choice, but alternatives are really
expensive, so I ended up doing it again on the T238+.

As to corrupt code, you can still do downloads, code for the T238 and T238+
is the same.

Not sure on the RF unfortunately.  If you are running from the 32MHz
crystal, that is not a nice odd harmonic of that frequency.


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Hey Will
 and the group
KB0VBZ here
I trying to get my old t-238 working again.
It over heats and resets all the time.
I think I shocked it and put some static charge in it.
Might have corrupted the code?
I cant find a good link to the programing code stuff from P & E  Tools?
Can you point me in the right direction.
Also does anyone else see the t-238 ( old needs modem and has debug  port.
I built it from a kit.) produce unwanted rf on 137.62mhz  Mine puts put a
lot of (RF) on 137.62 doing in my weather satellite pictures from NOAA?
Perhaps this is perticular to mine?
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