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[wxsig] shielding,overheating,p&e tools

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Tue Dec 19 15:40:48 UTC 2006


Glad things are up and running again.  The 9.8MHz crystal is only needed for
development support, so if it is a harmonic of that crystal, you can just
remove it and no harm will be done.  I am surprized it is creating so much
interference, the output of that crystal goes less than an inch to a header
where you have it jumpered to choose the 32MHz crystal instead.  Lesson

BTW, the 9.8MHz crystal is no longer loaded in the T238+.  If you want to do
development work, you will need to remove and replace the 32MHz crystal with
a 9.8MHz one.  I have a header block that allows you to swizzle the UART
ports for debug instead of data logging.

What do you mean by no Wide2-1?  Who's old school?


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Hey Ken, Will and the group.
I'm back, My weather station is back.
I did reprogram the 238.
I did have success getting the p&e tools.
I put my rack, consisting of the old 238 has both cyrstals, and old kpc-3
firm ware 1994 and an old icon 2 meter all in a rack and put it outside in a
pod.= A old china shipping container, all metal .
This stopped the rf interference.
I turned the heat sink on the 7812 around,, fins away from the ic.
So this solved my problems for now. I hope santa brings me a new 238+ So I
can experiment with the P&E tools.
by the way I have the kpc-3 ab at 4800
the 238 at 4800 baud.
Old school so no "wide2-1".
Still I'm very happy. The 238 is very interesting.
Thanks to all.
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