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[wxsig] RE: Chaning T238+ destination callsign

Steve KA5YFC ssbrockw at swbell.net
Sat Feb 25 05:52:51 UTC 2006


You might check with Bob, WB4APR, and make sure that the APWX.. is not
taken by another application before it is set in stone. There is some
kind of application registration thing that they keep track of to make
sure that each app is recognized.


-----Original Message-----
From: Will Beals
Subject: [wxsig] Chaning T238+ destination callsign


Someone finally explained why the T238 weather data does not show up on
Kenwood D7 handhelds and D700 mobile rigs.  Those rigs default to only
decode data who's destination callsign begins with AP.  This seemed a
strange to me, but in a piece of test code I changed the T238s source
callsign from WX1W to APWX1W and sure enough, the data suddenly appeared
my D7!

If there are some good reasons for some folk to stick with WX1W, then I
make it a user option to select different destination callsigns.  If
aren't any good reasons, then I'd like to just change the hardcoded
destination callsign to APWX1W.

Any issues?


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