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[wxsig] Changing T238+ destination callsign

George gxry at freemail.gr
Sat Feb 25 11:02:23 UTC 2006

The combinations of the following letters as destination addresses are 
all reserved according to the APRS Protocol specification ver. 1.0.1
APWxxx to WinAPRS S/W
APXxxx to X-APRS, used also by XASTIR
So APWX1W seems to conflict with the WinAPRS.
See Chapter 4: APRS Data in the AX.25 Destination and Source Address 
Fields in the above document.
Note that also exist and other applications that use their own 
destination addresses not mentioned in the document, such as OpenTracker 
(APOT1), UI-View (APUxxx) e.t.c.
Using AP1WX seems ok but I haven't see any address having a number as a 
third character though the specs say that AP* is ok with * meaning up to 
a total 6 (including AP) ALPHANUMERIC characters.
Anyway ask Bob, WB4APR, for AP1WX. Maybe he maintains some form of a 
list of the registered applications.

73 de George SV2DOF

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