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[wxsig] Changing T238+ destination callsign

Rich Mulvey rich at mulveyfamily.com
Sat Feb 25 20:24:38 UTC 2006

John Koster wrote:
> Wow, I really know nothing about APRS.  However, this really surprises me.  
> If I'm understanding what I've read in the last couple of postings, a
> station sending APRS is in effect broadcasting to a specific target
> application by destination address?  I always thought everything was a
> general broadcast to anyone listening (ignoring for the moment all the
> confusing digipeater stuff).  I thought the destination address of a UI 
> frame was irrelevant.

   They're not broadcasting to a specific target application - the 
UNPROTO callsign that's being used is just a mechanism for identifying 
the application generating the packet.   Applications are free to use 
them for filtering data, though as far as I know, only the Kenwood rigs 
actually do that.  Inappropriately, as we see.  ;-)

- Rich

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