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[wxsig] T238+assy.pdf

wj0d wj0d at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 28 03:58:33 UTC 2006

Hi Will,

I have basically put my T238+ together.  A couple of questions and

1.  How to I get a missing part.  One of the Ferrite Beads was missing so I
have left off L5 for now.
2.  Not sure on placement of the pot.  It doesn't match the silkscreen
diagram.  On page 5 of the .pdf, it says to align the trim pot according to
the silkscreen.  The silkscreen shows the pot with the two little tabs away
from the edge of the board and down toward the middle.  If you put it in the
3 holes the tabs are the other way around so the two tabs are up toward the
edge instead.  Obviously it won't fit following the outline on the
3.  Installing the switches, SW1 doesn't have a depression but actually a
hole in the one side of the plunger and the other 3 sides are solid so I
took that as a depression and placed it up.
4.  In installing the voltage Regulator, there is no comment on bolting it
to the circuit board and what or where the bold is to hold it to the board.
The bolt is in the screw/spacer package if it is to be the sliver like about
a Nr. 8 or maybe Nr. 6 bolt and nut.  Neither side of the diagram shows a
lock washer which is affixed to the head of the only bolt that would fill
the bill to hold the sink and regulator hard to the circuit board.

Any suggestions on the ferrite bead and am I off base on the instructions?

Regards and 73,

John wj0d

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