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[wxsig] Hurricane Season Preparation

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Tue Feb 28 05:15:03 UTC 2006


The T238 identifies its software revision on the set of menus you scroll
through as you are setting it up.  I also broadcast the revision as part of
the initialization sequence, so it becomes a record on APRS-IS.

1.15.7 is the most current public release. I am working on 1.15.8 which is
mainly being driven by several compatibility issues.

The Kenwood issue has been bugging me for a while, but I was under the
impression it was a lot more complicated issue than it appears to actually
be.  Setting a callsign beginning with AP is pretty easy.

I strongly recommend the AAG weather head for wind direction and speed.  It
is pretty crummy for temperature though due to solar heating effects.


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I just got my T238+ and went to the instructions via the T238+assy.pdf where
I will needs some clarification, but later on that.

As I saw George ask about a barometric sensor, any recommendations as to a
weather station that works best with the T238+ that provides temp, wind
direction and velocity and are there any which also include barometric
pressure?  I have a Kenwood D700 and see where there is a problem with the
AP front end for the call it is looking for.  If changes are made to the
code so you can select the AP front end vs something else, how does one get
that up loaded to the chip?

As I just received the kit this past week, how does one know what version of
software is loaded on it as I see on the download page that the current
release is 1.15.7?

WJ0D at wj0d at bellsouth.net

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