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[wxsig] aprs/wx digi

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Thu Jan 12 04:42:28 UTC 2006


(Full disclosure, I'm the T238+ guy.)

This was part of the T238s design goals, to be low power enough to be solar
operated.  It runs from a single +12-ish volt rail (anything above 7.5V is
fine).  The LCD, while important for setup or an in-house station is not
required for a remote station, and without it or it's backlight, the T238
consumes very little power.  On the T238+ I have some battery monitoring
code so when you look at the T238+ diagnostic data you can track battery
voltage.   Finally, I have code support to allow turning the radio off
except for just before and for a bit after the APRS data transmission.  This
latter feature does require extra hardware that is documented on the T238
website (http://www.beals5.com/wx).  If you want a full digipeater, this
wouldn't be too useful though!


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Hello to the wxsig. I am interested in building a remote solar powered aprs
wx digi. I would appreciate your recommendations for the most practical
 I am familiar with Peet to Paccom but would field other alternatives.
 TNX for ur time; Bob KF4FFN
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