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[wxsig] Davis 6153 w/WeatherLink & UI-View?

Dave - N1PC n1pc at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 15 13:15:23 UTC 2006

Thanks again Thomas.....

I'm pretty much a software type.  IT is my profession and due to work load
kit building is something that I unfortunately don't have time for anymore.
I've checked the TAPR site and looked at the T-238+Modem Kit but can't find
any reference to a ready-made model.  I agree the 1-wire stuff is very

This may be a good option for me, but I would need to buy it in ready-made
form preferably already in an enclosure.  Can you point me in the right
direction for a ready-made T-238+Modem?

Thanks and 73,

Dave, N1PC

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Hi agn Dave.

As far as I'm concerned (no bad thing about Davis though), today I would 
rather go for the TAPR APRS weather station. Here's the link: 

Why? Well, here's some good reasons (from my point of view):

1. It would be a lot cheaper
2. It is far more extendable and flexible than the commercial 
WX-station, you can add (or leave out) sensors that you do not need
3. You can get those weather data available for other applications 
(heating control, moisturizing etc...)
4. It is intended for the APRS network as default (Davis is not)
5. It would give the joy of doing something yourself (can be bought 
ready-made also, in case...)
6. After putting it to work one would have a greater understanding of 
what it is doing and why.

Well, anyway, GL with your weather project.
73:s, Thomas OH6NT

Dave - N1PC wrote:

>Hi Thomas,
>Thanks for the info.  I didn't think that it would be difficult, but not
>having WeatherLink or the Davis yet, it's difficult to know.
>Dave, N1PC
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>Hi Dave.
>My Vantage Pro (the older version) is sending reports to APRS network 
>every 10(?) minutes. It is not interfacing with UI-view, it is using its 
>own report transmisson system, just have to configure it to work. My WX 
>report can be found at OH6NT-1.
>My 2 cents.
>Dave - N1PC wrote:
>>Hi Folks,
>>Is anyone out there using a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station with the
>>Davis WeatherLink software and interfacing with UI-View?
>>I'm considering buying one and was just wondering if anyone had tackled
>>transferring the WeatherLink Data to the UI-View data format.
>>Thanks and 73,
>>Dave, N1PC
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