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[wxsig] T238+ Position String E longitude problem

George gxry at freemail.gr
Tue Jan 31 20:51:45 UTC 2006

Hello to the wxsig.

Recently I built the T238+ kit with the modem option for the local ham 
The available 1-wire sensors we have already are:
a. Anemometer AAG V3
b. Humidity AAG TAI-8540
c. Pressure AAG TAI-8570
d. Rain Gauge A RainWise 8" modified by hobby-boards including a DS2423 

The processor came with 1.15.4R firmware which I upgraded in 1.15.7R 
since I
am reading the wxsig regularly for the last three months.
At first glance anemometer and humidity/temperature work as expected, 
seems to indicate erroneous readings as compared with the same sensor 
setup but
connected to a pc (through a DS9097U-009 adapter) running linux and
Dr. S.J.Melhuish's oww.
Rain gauge recognized but no indication for rain. Constantly 0.00mm. 
After some
reading of the schematics and connecting DS2423 counter inputs A and B 
there is an increment to the rain reading. I will check further this and 
report back the results.
Any experience in using the above sensors will be appreciated.

Now my main problem regarding the use of modem mode and Position String and
Modem Setup.
When I try to enter in the position string East longitude like
4022.38N/02234.26E the LCD screen messed up and no beacon is transmitted.
You can see an image of the display at
If I leave instead the W at the end like 4022.38N/02234.26W then there is a
beacon transmitted every 5min as you can see below
(only anemometer is connected)

SV2DOF-4>WX1W <UI C>:Wx Start (1.15.7R+)...

SV2DOF-4>WX1W <UI C>:@291924z4022.38N/02234.26W_045/000g000t067e1w 00010F07
SV2DOF-4>WX1W <UI C>:@291929z4022.38N/02234.26W_045/000g000t067e1w
SV2DOF-4>WX1W <UI C>:@291934z4022.38N/02234.26W_024/000g000t067e1w
Did you experienced the same? May some one try to see what happens to 
his kit?

Thanks in advance

73 de
George, SV2DOF

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