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[wxsig] Wind Speed Spike

Joe S. Borovetz wa5vms at tapr.org
Mon Jul 10 02:16:59 UTC 2006

At 07:22 PM 7/9/2006, you wrote:
>If the DS1994 is pulling enough power to crowbar the pullup resistor, then
>it is broken.  It should not be doing that.  A good way to tell on the
>T238(+) is to look at the status display that shows the bus voltage when you
>plug in and remove the DS1994.  If you see the voltage drop when you insert
>it, then you know it is for some reason drawing too much current.

After checking, I do not think pull up is the problem.

I can program the 1994, The WX sta will run for a while and then will start 
losing the sensors and the  1994 is not detected on boot. If I reboot the 
WXSTA before the sensors disappear, the 1994 is detected.

After the sensors die, I receive this message from the 1994 ( using 
tm_check util) ....token valid....license expired...device expired


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