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[wxsig] Hot regulator

John Koster w9ddd at tapr.org
Tue Jul 18 14:02:31 UTC 2006

That sounds like a reasonable approach.  

I'm using a a 9 VDC wall wart to minimize the heat.  You could perhaps
select a dropping resistor as well.  The current drain is pretty much
constant, so you could measue the mA draw and calculate a resistor value
to give you around a 4.5 volt drop.  A cheaper solution.  The wasted heat 
will be the same, just in a different location.  An additional regulator 
is going to generate the same heat also.  

On Tue, 18 Jul 2006, Rasputin Novgorod wrote:

> Hi all:
> I just built the TAPR 238+ Weather station controller
> and it seems to be working just fine, except the 5 volt
> regulator chip is hot. I can put my finger on it,
> or it's heat sink, but I can't keep it there.
> I'm feeding it 13.8vdc (my whole shack runs on 13.8 vdc).
> I was thinking of putting a second regulator, about 9 volt,
> external and in front of the power connector, so the voltage
> is knocked down in two steps, so each regulator is sharing the 
> load.
> Thoughts or suggestions?
> Sincerely
> /Blair
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John, W9DDD

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