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[wxsig] Hot regulator

Rasputin Novgorod priapulus at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 18 19:35:49 UTC 2006

As followup, The current draw is low, about 250 ma.
I replaced the nut on the other side of the board with
a small heat sink and how the temperature is acceptable.
Thanks for all your suggestions.


> > I just built the TAPR 238+ Weather station controller
> > and it seems to be working just fine, except the 5 volt
> > regulator chip is hot. I can put my finger on it,
> > or it's heat sink, but I can't keep it there.
> > I'm feeding it 13.8vdc (my whole shack runs on 13.8 vdc).
> There looks like there might be room to put a second 
> heatsink on the underside of the board. I guess the first
> thing to do is measure the current draw and see how close 
> to it's limit the regulator is.

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