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[wxsig] Lost wind direction

Michael Barelli W0MAF barelmic at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 20 16:54:14 UTC 2006

I have the same setup with wind etc.  The problem is the wire to the head unit.  I have errors too.   I could not get the wind direction to work on the bench at all.  I only got it to work when I installed it.  I thing the cat5 I used is making it work.  I do get drop outs but not so bad as to not get a good reading.  I wish that the display would show the average reading with  a mark for a bad read for wind direction. Hint hint. May be a star next to the degree sign.
Good luck!

Rasputin Novgorod <priapulus at yahoo.com> wrote: I have the Aagelectronica windspeed/direction/temperature
sensor. When I first plugged it into the T238+ (and initialized
the sensors) it worked just fine. Then I tried to update
other T238+ settings and it's lost the wind direction (238+
just shows dashes for wind direction).

If I plug the sensor into a 2-wire to serial adaptor in a PC, and
use the Aagelectronica software the wind direction works fine,
so I don't think it's a sensor fault. I expect I've somehow
mis-programmed the T238+. However, I've retried several times
and can't seem to fix it.


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