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[wxsig] TAPR 238+ RS-232 and wireless ethernet to post data

Jim Pruitt PruittJ at cwu.EDU
Thu Jul 20 17:29:07 UTC 2006

I recently bought Fred Eady's book "Implementing 802.11 with
Microcontrollers" and am looking at his Airdrop-A or Airdrop-P devices
from http://www.edtp.com/ at  http://www.edtp.com/airdropp_page.htm and
http://www.edtp.com/airdropa_page.htm that uses a wireless pcmcia
network card and takes serial input (from the T238+, etc).  I wanted to
find the source for the tiny ethernet but that code has not been made
public although it was developed back in 97 or 98 and used the Pic
12C509 or 12C508 (I think) but that did not use wireless.

Like you I really do not want to tie up the computer so one of the
Maxim Tini's or Eady's wireless board to allow me to post directly to a
web page without having to tie up a pc or go through a PC to do it.

Has anyone else tried that approach?

Thank you.

Jim Pruitt

>>> priapulus at YAHOO.com 07/20/06 8:47 AM >>>
Hi Mike:
This wasn't quite what I had in mind, but would certainly
solve my problem; thank you for the suggestion. If I persue
it I may come back to you for details.


(who has three MFJ tnc's but no KC3's...)


> You do not want to hear this but I am doing it at my QTH in Alma,
> Kansas! 
>   I use a Kantronics TNC KC3+ to capture the data then hook the TNC
> to the PC. I put the T238+ into the GPS Port.  Power for the TNC
> comes from the T238* .
>   You can see data on findu.com w0maf-1. UI-view provides the
> internet connection, IGATE  and the TNC provides the RF link with
>   The setup is a mess but it works. At least I have a WX Digi Igate
> all in one.
> 73 Mike


> Rasputin Novgorod <priapulus at yahoo.com> wrote:
>   I know you guys are going to tell me to RTFM,
> but I've skimmed everything and don't see an answer.
> My TAPR 238+ is working perfectly now. I'd like 
> to dump weather info out the 238+ serial port to my
> computer, and have ui-view pick it up and send
> my weather info out on the APRS internet. But I
> don't see how to do it.
> Sincerely
> /b

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