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[wxsig] TAPR 238+ RS-232 and wireless ethernet to post data

Rich Mulvey rich at mulveyfamily.com
Thu Jul 20 23:37:15 UTC 2006

Jim Pruitt wrote:
> I recently bought Fred Eady's book "Implementing 802.11 with
> Microcontrollers" and am looking at his Airdrop-A or Airdrop-P devices
> from http://www.edtp.com/ at  http://www.edtp.com/airdropp_page.htm and
> http://www.edtp.com/airdropa_page.htm that uses a wireless pcmcia
> network card and takes serial input (from the T238+, etc).  I wanted to
> find the source for the tiny ethernet but that code has not been made
> public although it was developed back in 97 or 98 and used the Pic
> 12C509 or 12C508 (I think) but that did not use wireless.
> Like you I really do not want to tie up the computer so one of the
> Maxim Tini's or Eady's wireless board to allow me to post directly to a
> web page without having to tie up a pc or go through a PC to do it.
> Has anyone else tried that approach?

Hi Jim:

   I have a full-blown weather station running on my TINI - it supports 
an unlimited number of wind, temp, humidity, solar, lightning, snowfall, 
and rain sensors.  It also performs automatic uploads to CWOP, Weather 
Underground, and APRS packets to an attached TNC.  The system is written 
in Java, and has been running continuously for three years now.

   I started writing an article about the system, which you can find at 
http://www.mulveyfamily.com/weather/tini/article/ , along with some 
pictures.  I suggest looking at the .doc version, which is Microsoft 
Word format.  The weather station itself is at 
http://weather.mulveyfamily.com .

   The article is still incomplete, but will give you an idea of what 
can be done with the TINI.  It goes way beyond what you're asking, since 
it essentially replaces the T238, and more, but it's a fun project to 
look at.  ;-)

- Rich

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