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[wxsig] TAPR 238+ RS-232 and wireless ethernet to post data

Rich Mulvey rich at mulveyfamily.com
Sun Jul 23 01:46:36 UTC 2006

Will Beals wrote:
> Rich:
> That looks like a cool project.  I've been itching to do an ethernet-based
> microcontroller project for quite a while now.  It is nice to see other
> projects like yours come to fruition, it is encouraging.

Hi Will:

   The TINI is a very useful device for this sort of application - there 
aren't a whole lot of other off-the-shelf controllers that will give you 
Ethernet, multiple serial ports, 1-wire, etc, all in one easy package, 
and also allow you to use a free high-level language for development.  
On the other hand, it's relatively expensive solution for one-off 

   I've also been playing around with an entirely new weather station 
architecture - a PIC driving a LinkOEM module for the one-wire 
interface, and a Lantronix X-Port for the Ethernet/Web interface.  It 
uses the LinkOEM command set to access the sensors, instead of worrying 
about bit-banging the line.  I'm working through building in support for 
data logging to an SD card, as well. The weather application is being 
developed in Proton+ BASIC.

   So many toys, so little time.  ;-)

- Rich

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