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[wxsig] One Wire Weather Lockup

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Fri Jul 28 01:35:04 UTC 2006


While I don't think firmware is your issue, I would suggest upgrading to the
latest (1.15.8) release of the firmware as soon as possible. There were a
number of issues that were addressed from 1.15.4 through 1.15.8.

If it is not RF, one other possibility is the regulator getting too hot.  If
you are feeding the T238+ with a 13.8V supply, that regulator is being
stressed.  Options include disabling the backlight for normal operation (a
switch in line with R5), finding a lower voltage (below 12V is usually OK,
as long as it is above 7.5), or one of the recent suggetions has been to add
more/bigger heatsinking to the regulator.


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Ok, I am very new to APRS and packet, I am working with a friend on putting
up a APRS weather station in the remote area of Campo, California.  So far
we have the T238+ and a Kantronics TNC with AAG weather gear.  I can get
more specific if needed, but I don't have too much info with me.

Basically everything runs well for about 48 hours and then the weather
station seems to lock up.  The digi still operates and reports, but the
screen on the T238 stops updating and the "heartbeat" that the person who
built this put on stops functioning, and he said that is only related to the
weather side of things.

The firmware version is  rev 1.15.4r.  

You can view the station readings at 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Some thoughts Mike had was that the
antenna was too close to the weather gear and was corrupting the data, we
raised the mast and got the antenna farther away, no change.  The last
lockup was yesterday, and was reset last night about 8pm.  Mike thought
maybe he should put a real time clock in this to keep the time consistent,
no idea if this will help.  Mike is pretty knowledgeable about radio gear,
he is a radio tech by trade, and has been into Ham a long time, but has been
out of packet for several  years.

Well any help would be greatly appreciated.
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