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[wxsig] T238 Lightning Damage

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Tue Jun 20 00:25:15 UTC 2006


Sorry to hear about the lightning.  The LCD does rely on a negative voltage
from the MAX232 to get the correct biasing, so it's demise rendering the
display blank makes sense.  While we certainly can't count on it, but I am
amazed from stories like this how tough that micro can be.  I've abused them
more than I care to admit and have been surprized what they can survive.

Thanks for sharing the story.  Good luck with the barometer. 


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There was a lightning near miss (I think it hit a AM broadcast station .1
mile away) that took out my station.  The T238 LCD was blank but the LED was
There was no output to the TNC.  I found the MAX232 chip bad and replaced
it.  Everything came up OK but the barometer is erratic.  I suspect there
was a transient in the power that may have damaged a regulator on the
barometer board but haven't gotten into that yet.
Anyway, the T238 mostly survived and the sensors seem to be OK as well
except for the barometer.

Ken Brown

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