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[wxsig] T238+ sensor list

George gxry at freemail.gr
Sat Mar 18 18:59:07 UTC 2006

here is a list of sensors to build a complete weather station based on 
T238+ modem2

Sensors verified to work with it, by George Chrysostomou, SV2DOF

1     Anemometer (Wind speed/direction)
    TAI-8515 V3 Wind Instrument from AAG Electronica
     Works OK, by default.
2     Humidity / Temperature
    TAI-8540 1-Wire Humidity Sensor from AAG Electronica
     Works OK.
3     Rain-Gauge
    RG1-R1-A from Hobby-Boards. It is a RAINEW tipping bucket rain 
collector from RainWise, modified by Hobby-Boards with the addition of a 
1-Wire Dual Counter DC2.5-R1-A (DS2423).
     Works OK, ONLY if both counter inputs A and B are connected together.
4     Barometer
    *     B1-R1-A from Hobby-Boards. It is a Bray design, based on 
Motorola/Freescale MPX4115A sensor, as modified by Tim Bitson. It has a 
single instrumentation op-amp (INA-122) with fixed gain to x10. Needs at 
least 14Vdc for operation.
 Works OK, ONLY if Vref is set to MPX4115A's Vout @ 931mBar (5.1V P.S.), 
3.789V and gain is adjusted to 15.10852 (actually to 15.10333) by adding 
a resistor of 39k in parallel of R1(=40.2k)

    The following baro sensor tried but DID NOT WORK
    *     TAI-8570 1-Wire Pressure Sensor from AAG Electronica
 Does NOT work. It is found and read but the indicated value is 
erroneous. It has built-in calibration table but needs special 
procedures, not currently supported, to read the correct calibrated 
pressure value.

73 de George, SV2DOF

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