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[wxsig] T238+ sensor list ..

George gxry at freemail.gr
Sun Mar 19 01:40:52 UTC 2006

Regarding the rain gauge from AAG, either TAI8586K 1-Wire Rain Gauge 
Conversion Kit or TAI8575B 1-Wire Rain Gauge would be OK.
I didn't tried them personally but having seen the counter schematic as 
in http://www.aagelectronica.com/pdf%20docs/TAI8585%20Counter.pdf
or in 
it seems ok.
I have personally tried the TAI-8570 from AAG with OWW and Slackware 
Linux 10.2. It works without any user adjustment/calibration - or I 
didn't do any - OWW supports it. But it's based on a completely 
different architecture than MPX4115A/DS2438 that is expected by T238+. 
It is based on a MS5534A integrated sensor with build-in 15bit ADC, two 
DS2406 plus on-board stored calibration coefficients. I think that 
firmware routines they read baro data need to be rewritten to support 
it. T238+ expects to read a DS2438 10bit ADC for baro data.
73 de George, SV2DOF

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