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[wxsig] Programming/Communicaton Problems

David skyhammer at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 17:10:29 UTC 2006

Dear all,

I decided to have a go at making the T238+.  For the most part, I have
constructed the board using the same component layout as indicated in the
manual.  Obviously the board is not identical, and the PCB has more jumpers
on it than I would have liked, but then with my limited resources, it's
hardly surprising.
However, my problems are with trying to program the MCU.  I have downloaded
the P&E toolset from Motorola, but I'm still unable to communicate with the
circuit.  I have completed the modifications to my board, as described on
page 12 of the "T-238+ Operations Manual", which allows me to use the DE-9
connector as a debug port by jumpering some of the pins on the debug header.
I have further read that the original T238 circuit required a
9.8304MHzoscillator to make use of the debug port, and the datasheet
for the
MC68HC908GP32 chip seems to confirm this.  Therefore, I can only assume that
I need to build an additional circuit to accommodate this feature.  Am I
correct in this assumption?  If so, does anyone have any recommendation as
to how and where I connect the circuit?

I'm sure that I've overlooked something, but since my background is not
really in electronics, I'm trying to pick this up as I go along.  This I why
I started the project in the first place:  to expand my knowledge in
electronics and radio communications.
I thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide me.


David - VA7DMS

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