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[wxsig] Programming/Communicaton Problems

David skyhammer at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 18:38:39 UTC 2006

Hi John,

I am building the board from scratch, so my PCB layout for the traces 
are not the same.  However, the general layout of the components are.  
Since I do not have a pre-programmed MCU, I need to program it myself, 
presumably using the P&E toolset.  I have downloaded the latest software 
(1.15.8) from http://www.beals5.com/wx/ - This is also the same place 
that I downloaded the manuals, schematics, etc., from.  The bottom of 
the assembly manual states:  T-238+ Assembly Manual, Rev. 2.1 November 
2005, and the operations manual states:  T-238+ Operations Manual, Rev. 
2 April 2005.

Software development would be something I'd consider in the future, but 
for the time being, I'd just like to program the MCU without having to 
buy a programmer.

Many thanks,

David - VA7DMS

John Koster wrote:
> Are you trying to do software development, or just load the lastest 
> revision of the T238 software?  
> Also did you download the correct assembly manual?  Otherwise I don't 
> understand the comment about the board not being identical?

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