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[wxsig] APRS Transmission of Battery Voltage?

M PATTON k0yg at msn.com
Mon May 8 01:16:32 UTC 2006

Hi all,

The T-238  the status display shows the battery and bus voltages.
Looking at the APRS string, I don't see where this data is transmitted.
Is there a way to enable the transmission of the battery voltage on
APRS?   For a remote solar operated station, this would be very useful
information to help know the status of the batteries.  It doesn't need
to be transmitted every packet but once every 3rd packet (15 minutes)
would be helpful.

I see some data at the end of the APRS string after the "1w"- would this
be the telemetry data I'm looking for in a binary format?

BTW - I was able to get the current consumption down to ~45ma by
removing the display and the MAX 232.  I found out that the display
needs the MAX232 plugged in or it won't work.  Next I will be trying a
switching regulator in place of the 7805 to see if that reduces it any
further.  I'll let you know how this comes out!

Mark - KØYG

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