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[wxsig] APRS Transmission of Battery Voltage?

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Mon May 15 01:37:31 UTC 2006


Oops!  You are right, I do have a divide-by-three resistor network.  I did
go double-check my T238 code to make sure and it is correct there, so the
only error is on the website.  I will fix it shortly.


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Subject: Re: [wxsig] APRS Transmission of Battery Voltage?

Hi Will,

I read the info on your web page and it works great!  Your web page says
that the conversion is 0-12V (0-FF hex).  In debugging as to why the display
was showing the correct data but the APRS data was wrong, I looked at the
source code and found out that it is actually 0-15V not 0-12V as listed on
your web page.  0-15V makes much more sense for a battery operated system -
and now my data is correct.

Mark (KØYG)

Will Beals wrote:
> Mark:
> There are no official designators for voltages, so I do put that data into
> debug string at the end of a regular message.  If you go to
> http://www.beals5.com/wx and select the project status page, down at the
> bottom are definitions of the debug screens.  It is straight binary data
> expressed as two character ASCII characters.  The first byte is the
> type and then the following bytes are the message contents.  The one you
> care about is message type 01 which is the error counters and two bus
> voltages.
> I send the data once an hour rather than for every packet to keep network
> bandwidth low.  Message types 02 and 03 should be rare as they are
> some internal data values if the computed humidity or wind speed seem
> "suspicious".
> will
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> Subject: [wxsig] APRS Transmission of Battery Voltage?
> Hi all,
> The T-238  the status display shows the battery and bus voltages.
> Looking at the APRS string, I don't see where this data is transmitted.
> Is there a way to enable the transmission of the battery voltage on
> APRS?   For a remote solar operated station, this would be very useful
> information to help know the status of the batteries.  It doesn't need to
> transmitted every packet but once every 3rd packet (15 minutes) would be
> helpful.
> I see some data at the end of the APRS string after the "1w"- would this
> the telemetry data I'm looking for in a binary format?
> K0YG>AP1WWX:@010004z3635.26N/10546.48W_205/000g006t077h25e1w
> 0301A001A000003B
> BTW - I was able to get the current consumption down to ~45ma by removing
> the display and the MAX 232.  I found out that the display needs the
> plugged in or it won't work.  Next I will be trying a switching regulator
> place of the 7805 to see if that reduces it any further.  I'll let you
> how this comes out!
> Mark - KØYG
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