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[wxsig] Newbie looking for a basic unit

Ken knoliver at netutah.com
Mon May 15 16:38:43 UTC 2006

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Lee Mairs (SAG)" <lmairs at sagcorp.com>
To: "TAPR Weather Station SIG Mailing List" <wxsig at lists.tapr.org>
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2006 7:55 AM
Subject: [wxsig] Newbie looking for a basic unit

> I stumbled across this group, and it has caught my interest.  When I 
> went to the kits page I saw that the basic T-238 unit was Sold Out but 
> the text hinted that a replacement was on the way.  I do see that there 
> is a kit called the T238+Modem kit.  Is this the replacement for the 
> basic T-238?
> I guess my real question is, what do I need to get started?
> 73 de Lee
> KM4YY/8
> Romney, WV
Hi Lee,  my name is Ken in Cedar City, Utah and I read your email.
I just purchased a Oregon Scientific WMR968 weather station and
it does everythink. If you go to their site on the internet I think you will
find some starter units. I looked at the TAPR units also, but decided
to go for the WMR968. I think TAPR's unit is a kit and then you have
other things to add. My unit was about $300 so decided to wait and
get everything together. Iam not sorry I waited. Good luck whatever
you decide. This unit can also be connected to internet.
                              73 de Ken  W7KBM

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