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[wxsig] Newbie looking for a basic unit

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Tue May 16 00:13:36 UTC 2006


To confirm, it IS a kit (soldering required, no chassis provided) and it is
optimized for Ham Radio use.  The kit is just the base station and you go
get the various sensors that interest you.

If it matters, you have access to all the source code and can make any
changes you want.

The "project description" page tries to describe where this kit fits amongst
all the other kits out there.

I'm way biased :), so I'd better just offer to answer any questions you may

To specifically answer your question, the minimum setup would be the T238+
and an AAG wind/temperature head to get you wind direction, speed, and
temperature.  The AAG temperature sensor isn't great, so a separate one is a
good idea.  Assuming this is for ham radio use, the only thing else you need
to get on the air is a radio as the T238+ provides the modem functions.
>From there you can add a decent array of sensors as you need/want.


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> I stumbled across this group, and it has caught my interest.  When I 
> went to the kits page I saw that the basic T-238 unit was Sold Out but 
> the text hinted that a replacement was on the way.  I do see that there 
> is a kit called the T238+Modem kit.  Is this the replacement for the 
> basic T-238?
> I guess my real question is, what do I need to get started?
> 73 de Lee
> KM4YY/8
> Romney, WV
Hi Lee,  my name is Ken in Cedar City, Utah and I read your email.
I just purchased a Oregon Scientific WMR968 weather station and
it does everythink. If you go to their site on the internet I think you will
find some starter units. I looked at the TAPR units also, but decided
to go for the WMR968. I think TAPR's unit is a kit and then you have
other things to add. My unit was about $300 so decided to wait and
get everything together. Iam not sorry I waited. Good luck whatever
you decide. This unit can also be connected to internet.
                              73 de Ken  W7KBM

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