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[wxsig] Re: win32 1-wire utils

John Bennett jabennett at insightbb.com
Wed Nov 8 23:57:11 UTC 2006


There's nothing but 1-wire devices on the 1-wire bus in any of the kits
- T238 (all) and X1W (all). You might check and see if the diodes on the
1-wire bus and the +5V from the T-238 are OK.

I assume you are referring to the X1W-2, not the -1. The -1 is the
inside board with the barometric pressure sensor.

I would make sure everything works on the ground before putting it back
up on the roof - including a run of wire the same length that will be
used to reach the roof.

Also be sure none of the tines in the RJ-11 socket are crossed on any of
the units. Sometimes this will occur. If they are, the problem can be
easily corrected with a small screwdriver or needlenose pliers.

Be sure you seal the connections with coax seal.

73, John

On Wed, 2006-11-08 at 09:55 -0700, Bill Hosking wrote:
> Ok, I figured it out and ran the utilities using your adapter circuit.
> o Using tstfind I see the temp, rain, counter sensors on the original 
> system. I see the same both using the commercial serial to 1-wire adapter 
> and yours which tells me yours is working. (the version of yours I made has 
> a pin jumper to put +5 on pin 1)
> o Using your adapter circuit with 5V on and the gethumd, I get the humidity 
> and voltage readings from the x1w1 board. Just to validate the power, I 
> pulled the jumper off the 5V and, sure enough, it comes back telling me zero 
> volts. So the test tells me the x1w1 board is working properly.
> So everything looks peachy. I reconnect to the T238, with the humidity 
> sensor erased and get temp/wind/rain indications just fine. Now comes the 
> problem - I go into sensor setup and turn the humidity sensor on and now the 
> T238 hangs up with the ode to Dr Morgan showing up. To repeat it, I 
> disconnect the sensors, erase the humidity sensor, and repeat the process - 
> same issue. Lockup again.
> The only two things I can think of are (1)Is the old original T238 board 
> with a new processor chip compatable with the x1w1? and (2) I can try 
> disabling the temp sensor in the x1w1 (means a trip to the roof) to see if 
> that does the trick (too many temp sensors?)
> I would appreciate any thoughts.
> thanks
> bill
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> From: "John Bennett" <jabennett at insightbb.com>
> To: "Bill Hosking" <hoskingb at earthlink.net>
> Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 7:00 PM
> Subject: Re: win32 1-wire utils
> > Bill,
> >
> > The flavors of the Linux utilities only come in two flavors - Linux and
> > Win32. The zip file was win32. Instructions on how to use the utilities
> > for either OS is in the X1W-1 manual under 'Testing'. URL:
> >
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