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[wxsig] Still looking for solution :-(

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Mon Nov 13 01:07:16 UTC 2006


Hmmm.  To the best of my knowledge there are no hardware differences between
the T238 and T238+ other than the modem.  For talking on the 1-wire bus,
they use the same code on the same micros.

The T238 is still hanging up at the "One momemt please.." screen?

Right after putting that text up that screen, the code goes and looks at
your operating mode setting (TNC DIR, TNC-LTP, Peet,...) to decide how to
initialize things.  Is there any chance you have picked "5-min avg (modem)"?
If so, the software would be trying to talk to the modem which on a regular
T238 is probably not hooked up.    If this is the case, go to the
"UART/Display Options" menu and pick a better setting.  I am not sure of
your TNC setup, so not sure what to suggest.

Hope that helps, if not hopefully we'll get it in a few more iterations.


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The problem continues with no solution...

Platform: original T238 board with T238+ rom, updated to 1.15.8R software
1-wire: Temperature, Wind speed/direction, rain, and now x1w2 outside
humidity board.
Voltage: I am running +5 up pin 1 of the cable (with appropriate jumpers)

Problem: with system initalized and working (have temp,wind/rain readings),
I go to the Sensor menu, bypass the existing setups, and set 'yes' on the
humidity sensor, complete the sensor chain. Now when I get to the 'Display
Current Data', it hangs there forever. Either reset or power down do the
same. By removing the sensor cable, resetting, and telling the box to erase
the humidity sensor, I can return to a functioning temp/wind/rain operation.

Thanks to John Bennett, I have all the test utilities. So I tested using a
home-brew version of John's adapter that is contained on the x1w1 board
because you can't supply the 5V on the purchased adapter.

testfnd: runs perfectly and displays the correct 1-wire interface codes.

tsthumd:runs perfectly giving me a reasonable humidity and temperature
reading and also reads 5V for the voltage. As an additional test, I took the
5V jumper off and the test reads back no humitity and 0.00V on the voltage
reading which tells me the +5V is getting up to the box on the roof..

This would seem to tell me that the wiring and supply voltage are all
correct. Problem remains - the t238 still hangs up at display current data.

To try one last thing, I went up on roof and pulled jumper on temp sensor on
x1w2 board and retried in case there was a conflict between the two temp
sensors. Result - no change.

What I suspect is that the SW is hitting something it cannot deal with in
spite of the fact that the tsthumd says all is ok but I am not a programmer
so, even though the source code is available, it would be of little use to

So - unless someone has an idea (other than pulling down and re-wiring whole
system), I'll probably just put the cover back on the humidity box and
forget it.

Any great ideas out there guys??? Is the original T238 board incompatable
with the T238+ firmware some way??

A frustrated Mr Bill 

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