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[wxsig] Still looking for solution :-(

John Bennett jabennett at insightbb.com
Mon Nov 13 01:09:35 UTC 2006

How long is the cable to the roof?

On Sun, 2006-11-12 at 14:17 -0700, Bill Hosking wrote:
> The problem continues with no solution...
> Platform: original T238 board with T238+ rom, updated to 1.15.8R software
> 1-wire: Temperature, Wind speed/direction, rain, and now x1w2 outside 
> humidity board.
> Voltage: I am running +5 up pin 1 of the cable (with appropriate jumpers)
> Problem: with system initalized and working (have temp,wind/rain readings), 
> I go to the Sensor menu, bypass the existing setups, and set 'yes' on the 
> humidity sensor, complete the sensor chain. Now when I get to the 'Display 
> Current Data', it hangs there forever. Either reset or power down do the 
> same. By removing the sensor cable, resetting, and telling the box to erase 
> the humidity sensor, I can return to a functioning temp/wind/rain operation.
> Thanks to John Bennett, I have all the test utilities. So I tested using a 
> home-brew version of John's adapter that is contained on the x1w1 board 
> because you can't supply the 5V on the purchased adapter.
> testfnd: runs perfectly and displays the correct 1-wire interface codes.
> tsthumd:runs perfectly giving me a reasonable humidity and temperature 
> reading and also reads 5V for the voltage. As an additional test, I took the 
> 5V jumper off and the test reads back no humitity and 0.00V on the voltage 
> reading which tells me the +5V is getting up to the box on the roof..
> This would seem to tell me that the wiring and supply voltage are all 
> correct. Problem remains - the t238 still hangs up at display current data.
> To try one last thing, I went up on roof and pulled jumper on temp sensor on 
> x1w2 board and retried in case there was a conflict between the two temp 
> sensors. Result - no change.
> What I suspect is that the SW is hitting something it cannot deal with in 
> spite of the fact that the tsthumd says all is ok but I am not a programmer 
> so, even though the source code is available, it would be of little use to 
> me.
> So - unless someone has an idea (other than pulling down and re-wiring whole 
> system), I'll probably just put the cover back on the humidity box and 
> forget it.
> Any great ideas out there guys??? Is the original T238 board incompatable 
> with the T238+ firmware some way??
> A frustrated Mr Bill 
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